CQS inherits a management system of Japanese company. The rigorous work attitude and serious work focusing are our service methods. At the same time, we know how to combine rigor and flexibility. All members of CQS management team have been inspector, we know the metal casting industry, we know the quality control methods, and we know for each project success and product QC pass, there is team work, communication and coordination. 

  All CQS employees are trained staff with years experience in metal casting industry product inspection. Our report requires that all questions be presented to the customer in a concise and intuitive manner. All questions should be explained to the customer by using the on-site picture and shortening the text. We provide advise and solution on each quality defect or non conformity problem.

  Each project of the customer will be implemented in accordance with PDCA's continuous improvement policy to give customers better service and better products.

      We have been able to provide quality products and services that satisfy the demanding Japanese customers in the past. We are confident to continue providing excellent quality control services to worldwide customers.